Blu-ray Duplication (BD-25)

• Includes full color print on disc, blue transparent case with 4/0 outer cover.
• Assembly and polywrap included.
• Professional Retail-Ready packaging, budget packaging with Clam Shell or Paper Window Sleeve.

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Don't have a Blu-ray burner? We can convert your finalized file to Blu-ray format (BD-25) from your supplied portable Hard Drive. Uncompressed Quicktime MOV files work best for conversion.
Price is $45.00. Does not include menus.

blu-ray package image
blu-ray clam shell image
blu-ray paper sleeve image


Quantity Blu-ray Case Clam Shell (clear) Paper Window Sleeve
600 (duplication) $1145 $1051 $931
1000 (duplication) contact us for price contact us for price contact us for price