How long have you been in business?
Since April 2000. We became incorporated June 2001 and have been serving the industry ever since.

What is the difference between Replication & Duplication?
Duplicated discs (called written or burned discs) is where the information (data) is burned to the dye layer of a recordable CD-R/DVD-R/BD-R disc. Replicated discs (called stamped or pressed discs) are made by professionally pressing the data into the plastic surface area of the disc. Replicated discs are the standard for major studio releases. Duplicated discs are also popular for short runs and fast turns.

What is the difference between silkscreen & offset print?
We use offset and silkscreen printing that is widely used in the industry for printing replicated discs. Offset printing provides the highest overall resolution and is ideal for full color (CMYK color mode) where photos and gradients are used. This type of printing is direct to the disc surface.
Silkscreen printing works best using spot or PMS colors such as text, logos and other solid objects. There is no price difference between these two types.

Will my copies be as good as the original?
Yes. There is no difference when we copy your CD, DVD, or Blu-ray disc, because there is no video or analog conversion in the process. Think of it as an identical clone, indistinguishable from the original.

Why do blank printed discs cost more than replicated discs?
When the discs are replicated, they are being manufactured and created from small beads. They are read-only because the data is pressed onto the disc. Replicated discs do not have a recording dye for use with your optical disc drive to burn to.
In manufacturing, the per unit price decreases as the quantity increases. With blank media, the per unit price changes by a very small fraction regardless of the quantity ordered because the discs are already pre-manufactured for recording. BYTE Distribution does not manufacture blank media. Therefore, we need to purchase it from a supplier.

Do I need to get copyright permission to duplicate my project even if I am handing out my discs for free?
Yes. We will not copy any project without proof of licensing or ownership of content. Even if you are a cover band and want to duplicate a live recording of your audio CD, you need to get a mechanical license for each song and attach copies to the IPR form before we can move forward with your project.